Design Perfect Fitting Crowns

In this part of our comprehensive CEREC Masterclass we are going to focus on the fourth step of the Workflow - Design. In this course we will show you step-by-step how to use each tool on real example cases and key tips and tricks when doing so. We will also go over all the different options and how to design the ideal restoration quickly and efficiently. This will help kick start your CEREC experience so that you can confidently fabricate perfect fitting restorations with your system.

Learn every tool and its uses

Get familiar with analyzing tools

Learn how to change the initial design proposal

 Understand the parameters of your restoration

Make your designing efficient and predictable

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Course Overview

  • 1

    CEREC Design and Manufacture Workflow

    • Design Phase Overview

    • Display and Positioning

    • Design Tools

    • Manufacture Phase

    • CPD QUIZ: CEREC Design Phase

  • 2

    Certificate & CPD number - complete the quiz to access

    • Accredited by the New Zealand Dental Association for 1 Hour CPD


Anton Martin

Anton is a dental technician with a wealth of knowledge about digital dentistry. His previous roles include working for Ivoclar Vivadent as a Technical Specialist for 2 years and DentSply Sirona as the NZ CEREC Specialist for 7 years. When it comes to the CEREC system, there are few people who know it as well as he does, having trained hundreds of dentists to utilize the system and workflow.