Hard Tissue Lasers - a useful tool in dentistry

In this course, we will cover applications of hard or all tissue lasers in dentistry. Your instructor, Dr. Amr El Ganzory, a professor of laser dentistry, starts the presentation with the basics of laser dentistry. After establishing the fundamentals he moves onto the advantages and capabilities of dental lasers. Both, general dentists or specialists will benefit from this course. Applications of lasers include cavity preparation (both filling and RCT), but also in periodontology or even orthodontics.

Learn the role that lasers have in dentistry

Understand the physics behind dental lasers

Learn their effects on hard or soft tissue

Compare laser dentistry with conventional methods

 Learn the various applications of lasers in dentistry 

Watch real-life cases being treated with lasers - both hard and soft tissue

Course Overview

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    Lasers in Dentistry

    • Course Summary

    • Part 1: Lasers Overview and Benefits

    • Part 2: Clinical Applications of Dental Lasers

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Dr Amr El Ganzoury

Dr Amr El Ganzory is a professor of prosthetic and laser dentistry (American Board of Prosthodontics) and head of Egypt's clinical laser unit at the university. Additionally, he is a scientific advisor of a number of laser institutes in Canada and Europe. Dr Amr has lectured on the topic of laser dentistry many times across the MESA region and is a certified trainer at the world laser institute.