What mill should you choose?

Dentsply Sirona offers multiple milling units of different capabilities, strengths and indications, which can make your choice difficult. Anton Martin, the former specialist for Dentsply Sirona New Zealand, presents you this simple overview of every milling unit within the chairside and laboratory range. This course is also suitable for current Primemill owners as Anton will thoroughly cover the CEREC Primemill’s graphic user interface, all the settings and functions. By the end of this course, it will be clear to you which CEREC on inLab milling unit will suit your needs.

In-depth walkthrough of the Primemill’s user interface

Understand what each Dentsply Sirona milling unit can do

Overview of chairside mills: CEREC MC X, MC XL, MC XL Premium, Primemill, and CEREC 3 

 Overview of laboratory mills: inLab MC XL and inLab MC X5

Learn about additional equipment for the Dentsply Sirona mills

Course Overview

  • 1

    CEREC 11 CEREC and inLab Milling Units

    • CEREC Module 11: Course Summary

    • 01 - Course Outline

    • 02 - CEREC Milling Units: Overview, Pros, Cons, and Indications

    • 03 - CEREC MC X: External Overview and Functionality

    • 04 - CEREC MC XL Premium: Overview and Functionality

    • 05 - CEREC Primemill - External Overview of the Primemill Milling Unit

    • 06 - CEREC Primemill - Tools, Blocks, Routine Actions, and Settings

    • 07 - inLab MC XL: External Overview

    • 08 - inLab MC X5: Overview and Functionality

    • CPD Quiz

  • 2

    Certificate & CPD number - complete the quiz to access

    • Accredited for 1 Hour CPD


Anton Martin

Anton is a dental technician with a wealth of knowledge about digital dentistry. His previous roles include working for Ivoclar Vivadent as a Technical Specialist for 2 years and DentSply Sirona as the NZ CEREC Specialist for 7 years. When it comes to the CEREC system, there are few people who know it as well as he does, having trained hundreds of dentists to utilize the system and workflow.