Utilize All Functions your CEREC has to offer!

Throughout the CEREC Masterclass, we have covered every aspect of the CEREC software. There are a few extra functions every CEREC user should know about and this is covered in this module. Your instructor Anton Martin will show you how to use CEREC Primescan to design a restorative-driven implant plan, export it, import the file with the planned implant in place, and design a surgical guide over it. You will also learn about the CEREC Smile Design feature, a powerful function that helps you design a smile makeover with the guidance of the patient's 2D photo converted into a 3D overlay. Last but not least, Anton will teach you how to design and modify occlusion with the help of a virtual articulator.

Understand how to use CEREC in Implant Planning with Sidexis software

Learn how to Import scans with Planned Implant Positions

Use the Smile Design Function to Design Cosmetic Makeovers 

 Learn about All the Virtual Articulator Functions

Design Functional Restorations without any Occlusal Interference

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Course Overview

  • 1

    CEREC 10 Additional Functions - Surgical Guide, Smile Design, and Virtual Articulator

    • Course Summary

  • 2

    CEREC Surgical Guide

    • Surgical Guides Part 1 - Creating and Exporting a Restoratively-Driven Plan

    • Surgical Guides Part 2 - Milling an Imported Surgical Guide File

  • 3

    CEREC Smile Design

    • Smile Design - Using a Patient's Picture to Design a Smile Makeover

  • 4

    CEREC Virtual Articulator

    • Virtual Articulator Part 1 - Setup and Understanding All Its Features

    • Virtual Articulator Part 2 - Live Case Demonstration

  • 5

    CPD Quiz: CEREC Additional Functions

    • CPD QUIZ: CEREC Additional Functions - Surgical Guide, Smile Design, and Virtual Articulator

  • 6

    Certificate & CPD number - complete the quiz to access

    • Accredited for 1 Hour CPD


Anton Martin

Anton is a dental technician with a wealth of knowledge about digital dentistry. His previous roles include working for Ivoclar Vivadent as a Technical Specialist for 2 years and DentSply Sirona as the NZ CEREC Specialist for 7 years. When it comes to the CEREC system, there are few people who know it as well as he does, having trained hundreds of dentists to utilize the system and workflow.