Wrap your head around CAD/CAM

In this first lecture, we will ease you into digital implant workflows. Dr. August de Oliveira will introduce you to all the current CAD/CAM tools you might consider if you’re upgrading your general practice and transitioning into digital dentistry. He will also cover intraoral, face, and desktop scanners, plus milling and 3D printing. You will understand the possibilities and limitations of this technology. Dr. de Oliveira will teach you how to use CAD/CAM in your clinic and incorporate the correct workflows and how you and your patients will benefit from transitioning to guided implant surgery.

Learn the difference between 3D printing technologies and how to use them in dentistry

Understand how to make clear aligners in-house

Learn the benefits of guided implant dentistry

Restore implants digitally - an overview from a single crown to All-on-X

Learn from a dentist: practical applications of CAD/CAM in general dental practice

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Course Overview

    • Course Summary

    • Lecture Overview

    • 01 - About the Course

  • 2

    Guided Implant Surgery

    • 02 - Introduction to Guided Implant Surgery

    • 03 - Clinical Workflow and Soft-Tissue Management

    • 04 - Pilot Surgical Guides and In-Office Surgical Guides

    • 05 - Removing Failed Implants and Using Pink Porcelain

    • CPD Quiz: Guided Implant Surgery

  • 3

    Digital Dentistry Equipment Workflows

    • 06 - Intraoral and Extraoral Scanners

    • 07 - CAD/CAM: Milling and Printing in the Dental Office

    • 08 - 3D Printers and Materials for Dental Workflows

    • CPD Quiz: Digital Dentistry Equipment Workflows

  • 4

    3D Printing

    • 09 - Near Future of 3D Printing: Zirconia and Full-Color Models and Dentures

    • 10 - Additional Hardware: What Else Do You Need

    • 11 - Clear Aligners In-House

    • 12 - Restoring Implants Using CAD/CAM

    • 13 - A Brief Introduction to Digital Dentures

    • CPD Quiz: 3D Printers

  • 5

    CPD and Next steps

    • Before you go...

    • CPD Accreditation


DDS, United States of America

Dr August de Oliveira

Dr. August de Oliveira is a dentist and a general practice owner in Los Angeles, USA. He also lectures on CAD/CAM, 3D printing, CBCT, and implant dentistry. He has been published in many peer-reviewed journals and is widely recognized as a pioneer in CBCT Guided Surgery. Dr. de Oliveira has developed software for numerous dental companies and has authored three textbooks on dental implants and 3D printing.