Maximize the Value of Your TRIOS Scanner

Master Scanning and Data Management in 3Shape TRIOS. This comprehensive course guides dental professionals through optimizing scans and managing data in 3Shape's TRIOS system. Learn techniques to capture accurate digital impressions, troubleshoot common issues, retain patient information, and efficiently transmit data to dental labs. Ideal for dentists, technicians, and practice managers seeking to get the most out of TRIOS capabilities. Taught by Bartek Bernat, a skilled digital dentistry technician, and 3Shape specialist for four years.

Learn best practices for using the 3Shape TRIOS scanning system and managing the data it generates.

Optimize scanning techniques to capture accurate digital impressions.

Troubleshoot common scan quality and transmission issues.

Understand data retention policies and protection in TRIOS.

Export and securely transfer scan data to labs in ideal formats.

Leverage TRIOS diagnostics, settings, and support to resolve problems.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    01 - Initial 3Shape TRIOS Setup

    • 01 - 01 - How to Add New Users and Labs

  • 2

    02 - 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanning - User and Lab Connection

    • 02 - 01 - How to Initiate a Scan and Choose the Right Workflow

    • 02 - 02 - Tips and Tricks for a Good Scan

  • 3

    03 - 3Shape TRIOS Scan Data and Data Management

    • 03 - 01 - How to Manage Scan Data

  • 4

    04 - 3Shape TRIOS Troubleshooting

    • 04 - 01 - Common Issues when Sending Cases to a Lab

    • QUIZ 1


Bartek Bernat

Dental Technician and IT engineer graduate from DTU/IHK in Copenhagen, with over 12 years of experience with dental CAD/CAM. Bartek started his digital dentistry journey in 2010 in Denmark with 3shape as a first employee for the support of the TRIOS project. He’s installed over 250 3shape systems, resolved thousands of support cases,trained over 80 reseller representatives and hundreds of clinicians. Bartek has also become an expert on 3shape's Implant Studio, Dental System and Ortho software. After 5 years in 3shape Academy and 3rd line support, he moved to New Zealand. He’s worked with Dental Axess and Core3dCentres/Race Dental for 6 more years as well as adding to his portfolio Medit scanners, 3M TrueDef, Roland milling machines and Asiga 3d printers. Bartek joined the iDD team in spring 2022 as an independent consultant.