Scan, Bite, Plan, Design, and Deliver

In this course, you will learn how to scan and provide restorations for edentulous patients using only digital dentistry techniques and CAD/CAM. Dr de Oliveira gives you an insight into his successes and - maybe even more importantly - his failures and how he learned from them. He will show you how to use digital dentistry technologies to produce well-fitting, aesthetic and long-lasting restorations with no adjustments. If you are interested in implantology, this is a lecture to check out!

Learn the various methods of bite registration in fully edentulous patients using intraoral scanners

  Understand the importance of photogrammetry in full-arch cases

  Utilize facial scans for predictable results in providing final restorations

  Use 3D printed try-ins to avoid expensive redos

  Find out what kind of implant abutment systems are the best for hybrid cases, when to use them and why

  Deliver perfect-fitting full-arch prosthesis without needing to spend countless time adjusting occlusion

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Model-Free Digital Workflows for Edentulous Implant Cases

    • Course Summary

    • Lecture Overview

    • 01 - Digital Workflows Overview for All-on-X Hybrid Prosthetics

    • 02 - Design, Planning & Digital Workflow for All-on-X Hybrid Cases

    • CPD Quiz 1

    • 03 - 3D Printing for Implant Cases

    • 04 - Digital Bite Registration in Edentulous Patients

    • CPD Quiz 2


DDS, United States of America

Dr August de Oliveira

Dr. August de Oliveira is a dentist and a general practice owner in Los Angeles, USA. He also lectures on CAD/CAM, 3D printing, CBCT, and implant dentistry. He has been published in many peer-reviewed journals and is widely recognized as a pioneer in CBCT Guided Surgery. Dr. de Oliveira has developed software for numerous dental companies and has authored three textbooks on dental implants and 3D printing.