First, Master the Basics

Digital Smile Design has its place in most dental disciplines as a powerful communication and treatment planning tool. There is a multitude of software available, many of them even for free, which, combined with its ability to increase case acceptance, makes for a huge return on investment. In this course, a practicing dentist Dr. Mohamed Abd El Moniem will teach you the core principles of Digital Smile Design, such as smile parameters, types of DSD, their benefits, and applications.

Understand smile parameters and how to use them 

Learn about various types of DSD

Implement DSD chairside workflows into your everyday practice

Use DSD to discuss treatments and manage expectations 

Increase your case acceptance with a very small initial investment 

Learn how to create a mock-up using exocad Smile Creator 

Course Overview

  • 1

    Principles of Digital Smile Design: Using DSD to Improve Patient Communication and Case Acceptance

    • Course Summary

    • 01 - Introduction

    • 02 - Elements of Smile Design

    • 03 - Digital Smile Analysis and Design

    • 04 - Smile Parameters and Digital Smile Design in Edentulous Patients

    • 05 - Concept of Emotional Dentistry

    • CPD Quiz 1

    • 06 - Digital Smile Design: Types and Workflow Overview

    • 07 - Digital Smile Design Tutorial Using Exocad Smile Creator Module

    • 08 - Case Presentation: Using DSD as a Communication Tool

    • 09 - Case Presentation: How to Use Smile Design as a Patient Motivation Tool

    • 10 - Case Presentation: How to Use DSD in Gummy Smile Treatment

    • CPD Quiz 2

  • 2

    Certificate and CPD Number - Complete the Quiz to Access

    • Accredited by the New Zealand Dental Association for 1 Hour CPD


Dr Mohamed Abdel Moniem

Mohamed is a Ph.D. researcher in fixed prosthodontics from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He is a lecturer in fixed prosthodontics and the owner of a private cosmetics dental center located in Cairo, Egypt. He has international publications focusing on fixed prosthodontics in reputable dental journals like Future Dental Journal, science direct and has been lecturing at multiple dental conferences & events. He is a certified digital smile designer and member of the digital dental society, a member of ICOI (international congress of oral implantologist), a member of the Egyptian fixed prosthodontics association, owner & editor of an online dental educational platform, and lastly, he was nominated & elected by the Global Summits Institute (GSI) to be one of 2022 Interdisciplinary Cohort Class of the World’s Top 100 Doctors.